How it works “a version”

The “Heat the Burgh” initiative starts off by reaching out to the Pittsburgh community for help. We invite you to suggest families living in Western Pennsylvania struggling with a non-operational gas furnace or living in unsafe conditions. Let’s work together to make a positive difference in their lives. Once the nomination form is submitted, our committee will carefully review all nominations and select approximately 20 top candidates. To be considered, each candidate must meet the initial criteria of owning a home with a gas furnace as their heating source, and we require information on the current heating system’s functionality. We also call to kindly ask the nominator and nominee for additional information to ensure everything is correct. It would also be a big help to get a photo of the current heating system to assist our Pittsburgh Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers for pre-installation prep. Then we designate a “Heat the Burgh” nominee for every Carrier dealer participating in the program. They will then arrange an initial site visit to confirm that the home has a gas furnace and ensure their team’s safety during installation. After finishing everything on our “Heat the Burgh” checklist, a friendly local Carrier dealer will contact you to schedule the installation of a brand new Carrier gas furnace in your home. This installation will provide significant warmth and comfort for the nominee throughout the colder months. If you know anyone in Western PA who requires a new gas furnace, please submit a nomination today!